She is 19 years old and lives with her parents. She is not very fond of him, though he makes her laugh and he becomes her excuse to leave her parents’ house. Together they have picnics in Palermo, visit the zoo, an amusement park, and the exhibitions held at the Rural Society Center celebrating the return of democracy and its public life. He is recording all the time. He is interested about everything and, above all, her magnetizing beauty.

The first time she can watch herself on a video, her own mental image is destroyed forever. From then on, she doesn’t know how to behave in front of the camera. But at some point of the beginning of 1987, in middle of the ellipses of that faded VHS recordings that have been kept for almost thirty years in an old chest, they kiss for the first time and fall in love.

Through the real intimate experience of Alejandra Cánepa, La interpretación de los sueños (The interpretation of dreams) reconstructs the foundation of a family.